For all statement projects, whether print, web or video, we use the following rigorous and proven development process.

1. Planning

  • Confirm project objectives and success measures
  • Consider leadership and employee involvement
  • Facilitate high-level agreement on content, branding, data and functionality
  • Review project management approach and tools

2. Project specifications

  • Research all aspects of the employment deal
  • Draft all variable and non-variable content
  • Develop personalization/segmentation business logic

3. Branding

  • Create overall statement branding
  • Apply branding to all statement elements, including page layout, fonts, charts and tables
  • Create envelope and cover artwork, if applicable

4. Prototype / Mock-up

  • Create full statement mock-up with final text, final branding and preliminary data
  • Coordinate leadership and employee feedback
  • Update project specifications, if needed

5. Translation

  • Translate project specifications into other languages, as required

6. Database, programming and production

  • Create data layout
  • Review and finalize database
  • Programming and testing
  • Production and distribution

7. Project debrief and wrap-up

  • Review project metrics
  • Gather and analyse employee perceptions/project impact
  • Plan next kick-off meeting

Communications TRG and its creative team are responsible for Phases 1-5 and 7, working always in collaboration with the client and with other project stakeholders as needed.

For database creation, programming and production, the Communications TRG project leader will guide the client and the chosen vendors at every step of the way throughout this phase.

How long does it take?

In the first year, a comprehensive project typically would take 4-5 months from kick-off meeting to final delivery. However, single-language projects or those for which the branding, content and data start off in great shape can be done much quicker. Here’s a sample timeline.